Preorder products are sold at a discounted preorder rate before the product has been produced. Extras sold as 'Ready to Ship' after preorders have been fulfilled are limited and sold without the preorder discount.

The preorder window is typically open for 1 month, but sometimes will be different depending on the product. There is usually no limit to how many people can order within this timeframe.

Unlike a groupbuy in which a MOQ (minimum order quantity) has to be reached in order to be produced, preorder products are guaranteed to be produced.

After the preorder window has closed, we will then place the order for the products to be produced with our manufacturing partners. Production will start after we have paid for the product.

Any preorder product we sell will have an estimated delivery date on the product page. It is estimated because there can always be delays with things such as color matching, manufacturer scheduling, or a global pandemic.

General Preorder Timeline

  1. Launch preorder
  2. Preorder window is open
  3. Preorder window closes
  4. Order is placed with manufacturing partners
  5. Color matching (if needed)
  6. Product is produced
  7. Product arrives at vendors
  8. Vendors pack and ship product to customers
  9. Preorder delivered and complete

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