Unfortunately, due to policy changes announced in September 2019, we no longer accept PayPal as the 3% transaction fee will no longer be returned to us in the case of a refund. Additionally, PayPal has other limitations that hinder refunds after certain time periods and has a higher risk of fraud abuse.

We would rather be able to offer refunds to customers if they need it instead of having a fractured refund policy based on payment method.

See Section in PayPal User Agreement below.

We know that privacy and efficiency are very important to customers when checking out with us, so we want to assure you that there are still ways to achieve this.

  • Credit Cards have many safety features, most better than PayPal.

  • Apple Pay / Google Pay are more efficient than PayPal.Google Pay can actually be set up to use PayPal if you absolutely have to use it.


Shopify has adopted this same payment processing policy. Due to this, we now charge a 3% restocking fee on canceled orders and refunds. Does this mean we will now accept PayPal? No, we do not want to support the company from which this policy originated nor deal with their other pitfalls.

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